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73 FILM Videoproduktion Trier Luxemburg Saarland
73 FILM Videoproduktion Trier Luxemburg Saarland

B.A. Steve Strasser | DOP & Producer

73 FILM Videoproduktion Trier Luxemburg Saarland
73 FILM Videoproduktion Trier Luxemburg Saarland

M.A. Simone Busch | PR & Marketing

Every production is different and costs can vary depending on the scope of the project, its complexity and other factors.

Here is a rough summary of the production process.


After delivery of the final videos, we provide ongoing support to clarify any additional needs or questions you may have.

Your projects are stored in their entirety on our systems. This means that we can easily update edits, insert new scenes or extract fresh short content if required in the future.

Story is King!

We get to know you and your company, together we determine your pain point and gain trust!

Our project is precisely defined. This is crucial for the smooth running of the subsequent phases.


RESEARCH: Who is the target audience and how is the narrative structured?

LOCATION SCOUTING: We determine where to film and how to light the scenes.

CONCEPT: How is the viewer's attention captured? Among other things, story, format, focal lengths, camera movements and editing dynamics are specified.

SCRIPTING: The final concept is defined in the mood-board and the script, which serve as the cornerstone of the production.

The big moment!

LIGHT: Properly lighting a scene is essential. It not only enhances visual depth and aesthetics but also significantly contributes to the storytelling, depending on the intended effect.

SOUND and INTERVIEWS: "Sound makes 50% of the movie" is a saying in the film industry. Good sound recordings mean careful preparation.

CAMERA: After selecting the composition, all parameters are finalized, and we're ready to roll!

DIRECTION: Our director consistently supports you and helps you reach your full potential.


The time has come: we have been working towards this key moment when we press the red record button!

We're all thoroughly prepared, have set up the film set, and are focusing on the following elements:


EDITING: Editing strives for a smooth and rhythmic flow of the individual scenes.

COLORING: We prioritize precise coloring, tailoring the colors to match your company's unique branding.

SOUND: Voice, music as well as background noises and effects are synchronized with each other.

MOTION GRAPHICS and TITLES: Titles and motion graphics are inserted as required.


Filmmaking as an art reaches its perfection during the editing process.

Our service offers multiple rounds of revisions, allowing you to review drafts and rough cuts and provide feedback. We encourage transparent communication to swiftly address any concerns or required revisions.